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Quarter Past Reality ~ An Urban Crime Story

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How to Name Your Fictional Characters: Plus More Than 2,500 Names and Meanings to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

You know what’s just as bad as hitting a brick wall with the plot of your screenplay or novel? Hitting that same brick wall even harder when it comes time to give your protagonist or any other character that perfect name. Having the right name for your characters not only helps them to become memorable, but can help sell the story as well. Sebastian Dangerfield (“The Ginger Man”), Tony Starks (“Iron Man”), Atticus Finch (“To Kill A Mockingbird”), Luke Skywalker (“Star Wars”), James Bond (“Casino Royale”)…the list goes on. Imagine pitching your screenplay or novel with any of these character names.

Cloning an Actor

This was a simple VFX shot I had to create for a book trailer I was hired to film. It was a basic scene where the actor needed to be cloned and appear to be in a shootout with himself. Majority of the work was done in After Effects with some masking techniques. The key to this shot was to make sure the camera was locked down so I could avoid having to do any rotoscope work. I also made sure I shot it within a decent amount of time so that the lighting from the sun wouldn’t change too much and make the shadows disproportionate.