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My life is made up of two dates and a dash. I’m making the most of the dash.

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Lamborghini Teaser from Jay Carver on Vimeo.

Lamborghini Promo Teaser

| Visual Effects | No Comments
This was just a quick conceptual teaser promo for Lamborghini. Since their logo uses the bull as an image I wanted to create something that represented the same power and strength.

Porsche 911 Teaser

| Coming Soon Trailers, Film & Video, Visual Effects | No Comments
Just a simple teaser to some client work. Check it out. While it's still a work in progress, the main objective was to highlight some quick images of the newer models with a sort of retro feel and end with a custom designed 3D logo.

Sub Surface Skin Effect

| Acting, Visual Effects | No Comments
I shot some test footage a while ago with a local actor (Demise Harp) who starred in one of my short films called The Courier. The purpose of this test shoot was to experiment with the visual effect seen in the recent Iron Man 3 film where the villain has sub...

Need Actor(s) for Compositing Test Shoot

| Acting, Behind the Scenes, casting | No Comments
What am I looking for? In preparations for my next short film that will be a sci-fi thriller, I need to do some quick compositing tests and will need an actor or actors to sort of serve as test subjects. In these tests I will be practicing some CGI tricks...