Filming from the Keri Hilson Shoot

By October 24, 2011 Interview, Music

A few months ago I filmed Keri Hilson at an autograph signing and filmed her behind closed doors for MySpace. It was a weird situation, because I was there to film her for a reality show I was approached to direct, but somehow I ended up getting footage for the reality show and for Myspace who was also in the building filming her for a contest they had been promoting for several months and the winners got a chance to meet their favorite celebrity – Keri Hilson. All this went down around the same time this sexy cover came out from VIBE to promote her new album.

I will say this – Keri is cool as a fan. I’ve done some work with a few popular music artists before – more popular than Keri – and (without naming names) you’d think they were the first to ever do what they do. Not Keri…completely down to earth, humble and very approachable. So here’s a quick video from that night. The reality show is not based around Keri Hilson, but she’s in it as far as I know — well at least that’s what the producers are planning on at this time. There’s a handful of other popular artists we filmed as well…but for now check it out.


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