Sometimes the excitement and energy a strong character name brings can even spark new ideas for the story itself. These are just the type of boosts we all need when we’re in that creative mode and plugging away page after page — or if, more often than not, we’re stuck.

I remember the first time I pitched a screenplay to a distribution company and they stopped me when I said my protagonist’s name. The guy interrupted calmly and repeated it. Paused for a brief moment…and quietly said “I like that. Ha. Very cool.”. From that point on I had a lot more confidence when I spoke and had less of a nervous sweat. I’m not going to sit here and say that alone was the reason I had a mini success that day, but it definitely helped and showed them I had taken the time to craft a cool name that fit my character and the storyline.

The famous character names we know today sound perfect to us now, but did you know Yoda in Star Wars was almost named Minch Yoda? Indiana Jones was almost named Indian “Smith”. Scarlett O’Hara was almost named Pansy and allegedly didn’t get her proper name until just before the book went to print. So you see, names aren’t just names when it comes to your characters. It’s got to fit like a glove, but if you’ve read this far then I have a feeling you know that already. In this eBook I will cover some strategies that will help you come up with a well thought out character name. In addition to those tips, I have listed a number of different types of names, along with various meanings for some, that may help spark an idea for something you may have not otherwise thought of. The purpose of this eBook is not just to dump a crap ton of names and meanings in your lap and tell you to pick one, but more so to help you think carefully about what goes into your decision once you do find what you consider the perfect name.

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