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Who is Jay Carver?

Jay Carver is a writer, director and storyteller. Recently he wrote and directed an independent feature called “Frank’s Dead”, a gritty crime thriller genre film. With his production company, J-Style Films Inc, Jay has directed music videos as well as several short films that have been in film festivals winning awards such as “Best Director” and more. Additional projects include special things such as an animated short film for Hollywood actor Omari Hardwick (“Starz Channel’s “Power”, Kick-Ass” alongside Nicholas Cage, B.E.T’s current sitcom “Being Mary Jane”, etc).

A Little Bit About Me…

Jay was born in Portsmouth Virginia, but raised in Chesapeake for the most part — one of the seven cities of the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. Raised by parents who were both school teachers, he developed a strong interest in music (his father James teaches music) as well as creative writing (his mother used to encourage) and eventually began writing short stories as early as fourth grade. Throughout his college years Jay would go on to write several short stories and eventually complete a three-hundred page novella before discovering the art of screenwriting. It was here that he would fall in love with the craft of screenwriting and spend several years writing drafts before eventually focusing on transforming his words into a visual medium — film.

Honing his directing skills by wearing a variety of hats in the production world including writer, cinematographer, editor and producer — Jay has worked in film production in some capacity since his late teens. Directing, however, has always been Jay’s ultimate creative desire and to bring his stories from the page to the big screen. Since graduating from Norfolk State University and receiving a degree in Communications, Jay has been working in film production as well as post production using a variety of resources in order to get the best outcome for all of his projects.