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By May 17, 2016August 29th, 2016Casting

What is this about?

We are currently casting for an actor who can portray the voice over role as an urban black male with a street edge named Milt. This will be a paid opportunity and is for a trailer that was produced this summer called Quarter Past Reality. Quarter Past reality is a book that will be releasing soon by author Damien Harvey. The trailer was filmed in order to give the audience a visual reference as to what they can expect in the book and also being used as a promotional tool.

The actor for this gig would meet us at a studio where they will be able to watch the trailer as they deliver their lines. The trailer is roughly about 2 to 3 minutes long.

What are we looking for?

  • No heavy country accents
  • Someone who can sound confident
  • Street edge voice
  • Acting skills
  • Someone in the Atlanta Metro area

How do I audition?

If you would like to submit for this opportunity then please send a video audition.

  1. Read the script and record your voice and then upload it to YouTube.
  2. Make sure your YouTube settings are NOT set to “Private”. If you do not want this video to be public on your YouTube channel, but still want to submit it to us then make your privacy settings UNLISTED.
  3. Send the YouTube link to castings@jamescarveronline.com and PLEASE DO NOT SEND INDIVIDUAL AUDIO OR VIDEO FILES. Only send the YouTube or Vimeo link to your voice over audition.

Where’s the audition script?

Below is what you will use for your video audition. Please note this is a working draft from the author of the book and is subject to change once you have been selected.

Whoever would have thought my life would be like this. I was often told, that “The world was mine.”  I believed it. Growing up, I thought I had it all. The American Dream they say. Two parents in the same home, a little brother to kick it with, and a house in a middle class neighborhood in Decatur Georgia. Couldn’t nobody tell me my life wasn’t good. Until the night I got a call about my parents being killed in a car accident. From that point on my life would never be the same….

See, after receiving my payout from the life insurance policy…I knew I had to take care of my brother by any means necessary. So, I hooked up with some friends of mine who were runnin’ the streets. The goal was to send my little brother  away to college, take over the streets of ATL… and put away enough money to open a few businesses, and then get out the game. But the game was harder than I thought. 


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Jay is a screenwriter, director and producer. Through his production company J-Style Films, he has done work for companies such as Turner Broadcasting. In the past, he has worked with Hollywood actor Omari Hardwick and won several film festivals including "Best Director".


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