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By October 24, 2011November 30th, 2011Filmmaking & Video Production, Video Cameras

So I finally got my new camera – the Panasonic AF100. I’ve been waiting for a camera that has interchangeable lenses in my price range for about 5 years now. For anybody who doesn’t know, this camera shoots in high definition at 1080p, not only that, but the fact that you can use any kind of lens on it opens up a ton of possibilities mainly allowing your video to look more like film and a lot less like video. It also performs better in low light, which I’m really excited about since my other two HD cams needed a good amount of light to get clean, crisp images.

Panasonic AF100

It only looks like this because the lenses are separate. The handle also comes off, so the cam can be tricked out to however you want it to look.

For now I’ve only purchased three Nikon lenses – 50mm/f1.4, 24mm/f2.8 and 85mm/f1.4. I have some other lenses on my wishlist, but for now I need to get a handle on what I have and get used to the camera – which shouldn’t take too long since every camera I’ve owned has been Panasonic.

Test footage coming soon and I’ll probably shoot a quick series of shots that make a quick story…nothing major, just something I can knock out in a day or so with a few actors.


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