Film Pitch Deck Template


Make sure to blow your investor’s or buyer’s mind with this customizable film pitch deck that includes tips on each slide. This film pitch deck is easily customizable in Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint. If you want to raise money for your next project then you need to do it the right way.

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What is a film pitch deck?

A pitch deck is an essential tool for movie and television professionals such as producers, writers and directors. Whether you’re trying to raise money for an independent project or convince a studio to partner with your team, you’ll probably need a pitch deck at some point.


Use the current design layout or rearrange everything.


Use the template as a starting point and change as necessary.

Tips & Advice

Each slide has a brief tip or advice so you have an idea what to include.

Free Assets

There are a few image assets I’ve created that you may find useful.

Why Do You Need A Pitch Deck?

It’s quite simple. Most industry professionals in the movie and television industry are inundated with scripts, meetings, query letters and everything in between. When there’s interest in your project, a well designed pitch deck gets their attention and helps them see your vision more clearly.

Whether you’re targeting independent investors, studio execs or television networks — at some point you’ll be asked questions that your pitch deck can answer in a creative and concise manner.

Box art cover for pitch deck template. A young girl holding a gun wearing sunglasses.

Check out which topics are covered in the template.