Pitch Deck, Budgeting, Contracts & Investor’s Kit Templates


Introducing “The Indie Producer’s Power Pack” – the ultimate bundle designed to empower screenwriters and filmmakers in the dynamic world of independent cinema. Whether you’re pitching a groundbreaking idea, planning your budget, or preparing for production, this comprehensive package has everything you need to turn your cinematic dreams into reality.



This bundle includes the following products

Digital Template Downloads for Filmmakers and Screenwriters

Why You Need It

  • Saves Time and Effort: Streamline your pre-production process with ready-to-use, customizable templates.
  • Professional Standard: Elevate the credibility of your project with high-quality, professionally designed materials.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From legal contracts to financial planning, every aspect of film production is covered.
  • Empowers Creativity: Focus more on your creative vision and less on administrative tasks.
What does a movie producer do?

Ideal For

  • Indie Filmmakers and Producers
  • Screenwriters looking to pitch and sell their script
  • Film students and educators
  • First-time directors and seasoned professionals
movie pitch deck

Key Features

30+ Contract Templates

Navigate the legal landscape of filmmaking with ease. Our extensive collection of contract templates covers everything from actor agreements to location releases, ensuring you’re prepared for every aspect of production. These customizable templates are crafted to safeguard your project and streamline your workflow.

Digital Contracts on a table with computer and pen

Pitch Deck Slideshow Template

Capture the attention of investors and studios with a professionally designed pitch deck. This template is tailored to showcase your film’s vision, storyline, and potential, enabling you to present your ideas compellingly and coherently.

Production Budget Template

Master the art of financial planning with our detailed production budget template. This tool helps you allocate resources effectively, track expenses, and maintain financial control throughout the filmmaking process.

Filmmaker using production budget template

Investor’s Package Template

Secure funding with confidence using our investor’s package template. This comprehensive guide includes essential elements like financial projections, market analysis, and return on investment strategies designed to impress and persuade potential investors.

Man on laptop looking at investor's package for movie production

Product Details

  • Format: Digital Download (PDF, DOCX, PPTX, KEYNOTE, Google Sheets, Google Docs)
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, Tablet, and Mobile Devices

Download Your Indie Producer’s Power Pack Now

“The Indie Producer’s Power Pack” is more than just a bundle – it’s a crucial investment in your filmmaking journey. With tools designed to simplify, protect, and enhance your project, this pack lets you focus on what truly matters – bringing your unique stories to life. Grab your pack today and take the first step towards indie filmmaking success!