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From Idea to Screen: Concepts, Themes & Loglines

There’s a saying, “Concept is King,” and I couldn’t agree more. Think about it. The concept of your story is the overall idea at its most basic core. It’s what makes us want to read your book, screenplay, or see your movie after millions of dollars have been spent on developing it.

You’ve probably read a well-written book or screenplay with lots of clever wordplay, but when’s the last time you heard anyone excited about a mediocre concept? For me, concept is king, but execution is just as important. After all, what good is a cool idea if the author can’t tell the story in the best way possible?

Imagine if the movie “Karate Kid” was just a movie about a boy learning karate and receiving a black belt at the end to make his single mother proud. Or if “The Godfather” was just about an old mob boss who ran his organization with an iron fist and then just died at the end of the movie. How would that be any different from the thousands of mob flicks we’ve never even heard of with forgettable plots? These are concepts you’d likely forget an hour after watching them on the big screen.

That’s why it’s crucial to get a good grasp on what a strong concept is, as well as how a great theme can enhance your story. Once you have that down, you can use your strongest logline to help sell your script or novel to Hollywood or that big publishing company you have your eye on.

In “Concepts, Themes & Loglines,” we’ll dive deep into understanding and mastering these essential elements. Whether you’re a seasoned screenwriter or just starting out, this ebook is packed with basics, in-depth examples, and discussions to help you elevate your storytelling. We’ll focus on strengthening your concepts, how themes can add depth to your story, and how to craft a logline that will grab attention.

And the best part? “Concepts, Themes & Loglines” is available in PDF and ePub formats. Need a quick read on your computer? The PDF version is perfect for that. Want to carry it around on your e-reader or tablet? The ePub version has you covered.

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