Quarter Past Reality

Volume 2

This is the second installment based on the crime drama novel called Quarter Past Reality. In this story the focus is now on the younger brother Akil.


The Rise of Akil

it’s been more than a decade since Milt and his brother Akil lost their parents in that fatal car crash. Milt’s power struggle with the streets and fortune proved to be more than he bargained for. However, he did manage to put Akil through law school like he planned — but at a deadly cost.

Now that Akil has established himself as a reputable defense attorney, he ventured out and created his own firm. He eventually became the go to guy in Atlanta. This is how he met his most lucrative client — mob boss Lucky. Akil soon develops some nasty gambling habits and inadvertently steals money from Lucky. Word travels fast and Lucky finds out. This is where the story continues.

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