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What is “The Wolf” about?

The goal for this project is to just make something visually engaging while telling a story without the use of dialogue. It’s aimed primarily for the web and any online competitions/festivals. It focuses on a conflicted young man (Travis Wolf) who struggles for his freedom after witnessing his girlfriend overdose on drugs she found in his jacket. We see this character make one bad decision after another until he’s forced to survive on the streets as a fugitive and ultimately it doesn’t fare well for him in the end. This was also the first project using the Panasonic Af100.

Behind the Scenes, Cast & Crew…

We filmed everything in about a day or two. Day two was mostly pick up shots for the most part. Make sure to check out all the cast and crew involved with this project. We had a blast. The Wolf also got into two film festivals later that year.

Behind the Scenes Cast & Crew

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