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Filming from the Keri Hilson Shoot

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A few months ago I filmed Keri Hilson at an autograph signing and filmed her behind closed doors for MySpace. It was a weird situation, because I was there to film her for a reality show I was approached to direct, but somehow I ended up getting footage for the reality show and for Myspace who was also in the building filming her for a contest they had been promoting for several months and the winners got a chance to meet their favorite celebrity – Keri Hilson. All this went down around the same time this sexy cover came out from VIBE to promote her new album.

I will say this – Keri is cool as a fan. I’ve done some work with a few popular music artists before – more popular than Keri – and (without naming names) you’d think they were the first to ever do what they do. Not Keri…completely down to earth, humble and very approachable. So here’s a quick video from that night. The reality show is not based around Keri Hilson, but she’s in it as far as I know — well at least that’s what the producers are planning on at this time. There’s a handful of other popular artists we filmed as well…but for now check it out.

Jay Carver

Jay Carver is a screenwriter, director and producer. Through his production company J-Style Films, he has done work for companies such as Turner Broadcasting. In the past, he has worked with Hollywood actor Omari Hardwick and won several film festivals including "Best Director".


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