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How Much Does Everyone Make on a $200 Million Budget Movie?

By June 18, 2016August 29th, 201610 Comments2 min read

Who’s Actually On A Movie Crew?

There’s a lot of different jobs on a typical movie crew. The crew is normally hired by the production company responsible for the film and the size can vary based on budget and other factors. If you have no idea who does what, check out this cool video showing some of the most common positions.

How Much Does Everybody Make?

That’s a common question a lot of people ask frequently when discussing the various types of jobs that go into a movie set. A lot of times the answer really depends on the budget, sometimes the answer you get is all over the place and other times the answer is just wrong…but thanks to Vanity Fair we have a pretty good idea of what everyone makes involved in a hypothetical $200 million dollar budget blockbuster movie. By no means are these hard and fastened numbers, but it’s pretty damn close to what you could expect for industry standards.

Over the past couple decades, movies have become more and more expensive. At the time of me writing this, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, is the most expensive costing Disney $300 million to produce back in 2007. The ever ending production of superhero and fantasy films normally all cost upwards of $200 million to produce.

When we hear how much a movie’s budget costed, typically it’s only the production budget. Other costs like the marketing (P&A) aren’t always readily available for public knowledge. With the exception of in China, Hollywood continues to struggle with rising marketing costs, mostly overseas, which can easily make up over 60 percent of a film’s gross thanks to territories like Russia, Latin America and Asia. A few years ago, the cost had crept up to $175 million globally. Now some are saying it’s upward of the $200 million mark per picture.

Jay Carver

Jay Carver is a screenwriter, director and producer. Through his production company J-Style Films, he has done work for companies such as Turner Broadcasting. In the past, he has worked with Hollywood actor Omari Hardwick and won several film festivals including "Best Director".


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