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30 Fantasy Writing Prompts That Are Different

When you’re trying to come up with cool story ideas in any genre it can be challenging. That’s why writing prompts help so much and can get you out of that writer’s rut. If you already know how to write a screenplay, then you’re one step away from getting your vision out of your head and into a written format.

Below is a list of cool story ideas and writing prompts you can use to get you going. Don’t forget to change them up and make them your own.


  • After being involved in a drunken bar fight, you get sucker punched and end up in a coma for months. When you wake up in the hospital, nobody knows who you are. Not even your friends and family.
  • You’re the new kid in high school from the wrong side of the tracks and one day you get put into detention alone with a teacher who doesn’t speak much. By coincidence, you catch a glimpse of his reflection in a nearby window and notice he has ears shaped like an elf.
  • A chemistry teacher is fired from a high school filled with bad students for breaking up a fight after one of the kids publicly lie and say he was aggressive. He gets his revenge by concocting a potion that makes the entire school unable to lie for any reason at all.
  • A group of company rejects get laid off and stumble upon an invisible house filled with money, gold and a troll guarding it all.
  • A little girl is teased at her elementary school and goes home crying. When she looks in the mirror she screams at her own image saying how much she hates herself — and then after a few moments of silence her image asks why?
  • Two boys go fishing in a forbidden lake and get attacked by a group of mermaids.
  • Each day, a man who hates to dance notices one by one that everyone in his city is developing a feverish desire to dance — and they won’t stop.
  • A young boy suspects his evil uncle has murdered his wealthy father over a dispute that involves him taking control of the estate. He stumbles upon a fairy who vows to help him solve the case.
  • A wizard and a catholic nun run away together and have a child. What does the kid grow up to be?
  • An old farmer notices that his favorite horse has given birth to a unicorn…that can talk.
  • After gaining popularity in your high school play as “the fool” in a medieval theme, you receive an insane amount of publicity in your town. The president of the United States shows up to visit you at home and asks you to be his official court jester…and to help him entertain an evil wizard threatening to take over the country.
  • A blind girl suddenly can see, but only at night. One night she sees a dragon up in the hills above a small town that no one else can see.
  • As a zoo keeper, you suddenly are able to hear animals communicating with each other. Your favorite horse tells you how all horses are descendants of Pegasus.
  • You visit a museum most known for its stone sculptures. When an elderly woman approaches you, throughout the conversation she claims to be Medusa.
  • A midget falls asleep from being drunk and wakes up as a giant in a strange land and must save a small town from Cyclops to return home.
  • A talented young girl loses her legs in a deadly car crash. Weeks later she discovers her legs have grown back overnight — as frog legs.
  • A young prodigy is orphaned and taken in by a group of trolls who show him the secrets of the earth.
  • A psychopath is locked up for assault and battery. One night, a group of masked strangers bust him out of jail and tell him he is their lost king.
  • An innocent nun realizes the lumps on her head are slowly growing into horns.
  • A degenerate gambler is held under water for ten minutes by the mob for not repaying debts. After the goons leave, the gambler wakes up and discovers small gills on each side of his cheeks.
  • A greedy little boy is kidnapped by a dragon and taken to a magical cave that has an endless amount of gold and diamonds. When the boy cries for help, a ball of fire flames out of his throat. The dragon suddenly turns into his clone, smiles and disappears.
  • A middle aged man reluctantly eats goat for dinner with a woman he’s just met. The next day he wakes up as a faun.
  • You take your yacht out to sea a little farther than normal and a storm suddenly shows up. In the distance you hear strange voices as if several women are singing. Before you realize what just happened — a group of Sirens have punctured several holes in the boat from the bottom.
  • A man down on his luck with women trade places with Cupid for a day, but uses the wrong arrows to shoot with and as a result, the world begins to tear each other apart.
  • A very small squid is bullied in the ocean by every sea creature around — until he discovers his long lost father is The Kraken.
  • The world’s toughest boss gets demoted for screwing up one day and has to work for a Gnome who holds the world’s record for having the best manners.
  • After burning a wild batch of four leaf clovers in your backyard, a group of Leprechaun decide to ruin your life until you grow them back.
  • A werewolf and a young puppy decide to hit the town for a weekend after discovering they’re related.
  • One night you catch the tooth fairy in your kitchen drinking the last of the Vodka after leaving your child some money. She tells you tonight she put in her two weeks notice and that you’ll be taking her place.
  • A group of rowdy misfit teens decide to vandalize an amusement park the night before it opens. Suddenly, they’re all frozen still and a man dressed as a wizard comes out. He calls himself Merlin.
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Jay Carver is a screenwriter, director and producer. Through his production company J-Style Films, he has done work for companies such as Turner Broadcasting. In the past, he has worked with Hollywood actor Omari Hardwick and won several film festivals including "Best Director".

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