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What’s a Story Without Romance?

The feeling of romance is something that one can’t quite put a finger on. It’s beyond definition and sometimes even beyond the strict bounds of reason. It can be a sensation, it can be a possession, or it can simply take the form of an idea. 

Over the ages, poets and raconteurs have successfully translated emotions into words. They have experimented with themes, characters and plots, and have written avant-garde novels and novellas. In the midst of it all, the beauty and charm of romance novels have been deemed unparalleled. 

When Oscar Wilde said, “Who, being loved, is poor?”, it resonated with the romantic in all of us. That’s the charm of a good old tale of romance. It can make you believe in love and help you be one with the characters and plots. 

It’s not always possible to think of good story ideas for a romantic plot. Sometimes it requires a prompt or two to give a distinct form to the vague story ideas in your head. Sometimes the author in you wants random story ideas to expand into the amazing tales of love. 

Romance and Love Story Ideas

Keeping all of it in mind, here are a few story ideas that you can use: 

  1. Two relatively poor art students share a small apartment. Imagine their struggle together for four years. However, they never give each other any hint of romance. What happens after one of them gets a job in another city?
  2. A struggling nurse has to take up a late-night sculpting job to pay her student loans. The workshop organizer is mysteriously generous towards her. At first, she doesn’t notice it, but eventually, she does. What happens then?
  3. A museum curator is so besotted with the perfection of the portraits that he seeks it in human beings, too. As it happens, he is never attracted to anyone. One day a messy intern comes in and makes everything topsy turvy. This is the perfectionist’s nightmare, yet he can’t imagine her gone. What next?
  4. It’s the end of the World War. A young widow has lost her husband. She realizes that she has a blooming attraction towards an ostler. What happens after? 
  5. The Aztec Warrior prince is unstoppable. He is fast. He is clever. He is very strong. Most importantly, he is considered to be the best fighter in the kingdom. When the Chinese Captain comes in, he underestimates her strength. However, she beats him clean. What do you think happens from there? 
  1. The world has come to an end. Everything’s starting from scratch again. Two ethereal creatures find each other in the midst of the ruins. Continue the story idea from here. 
  2. An artist is invited to the royal palace by the monarch. Not only does the artist paint wonders with her brush but also her beauty is an art in itself. The monarch slowly starts falling in love with her. Give life to the story idea from here. 
  3. Two Night Divers come together to look for an ancient artifact. They comb the beaches and ride the waves together at night. They spend night after night on a probable goose chase. There’s something that they seem to have found…an attraction towards each other. How does it end? 
  4. A little touch of magic in a tale of romance is always a win-win. A clock enthusiast finds an antique clock. Inside the clock lives it’s ancient spirit. They call it the maiden of the clock. The clock enthusiast falls for her. Shape this story idea. 
  5. A lexicographer sits in a cafe. A woman draws a chair up and sits at the table next to him. He observes her quick fingers going over the crossword puzzles. It leaves him in a state of amazement. How can someone solve them this quick? Continue the story idea from here. 
  1. A librarian keeps discovering secret messages for her in a certain batch of books that she signs out. She writes back only to find more. She looks up the information and finds the secret author. What do they do? 
  2. A truck driver is madly in love with his childhood best friend. However, he has never been able to confess. How can he? She is a captain of a ship and away most of the time. Build the story idea from here. 
  3. Two cosplayers meet at a comic-con. They spend the night talking to each other. At the end of it, they feel an obvious attraction to each other. Will they confess or part ways after this? That’s for you to decide when you shape this story idea further. 
  4. The shot is ready. The set is nothing but a beach and a star crusted night sky. The actor looks deep into the eyes of the actress. The scene gets cut. The moment doesn’t. He feels there’s something more to it than mere acting. Do you think he will “act” on it? 
  5. A travel writer checks into a B&B for a month. The owner volunteers to show him around. The writer realizes that he quite enjoys the company of the owner. In fact, the writer almost dislikes loneliness when he isn’t around. What’s brewing between them? That’s your call! 
  1. A princess wants to see the man behind all her beautiful dresses. Lo and behold, he is the most popular dressmaker in the kingdom! He has quite the eye for aesthetics. The princess falls in love. What happens then? 
  2. Two mathematicians are vying for the top place in the academic records of the school. The competition is tough. Eventually, the hatred evolves into a mutual acknowledgment and appreciation of each other’s genius. What happens next in this story idea? 
  3. A ghostwriter is slowly falling for the person he is writing a biography about. Give this story idea a life.
  4. Write about the love story of Narcissus before he fell in love with himself.  
  5. Two medieval flute players fall for each other. She is trying to start a life with her partner. Their dresses flare as they run through the forest at night. Do they ever make it? 
  1. A chauffeur falls deeply in love with a prima-donna. Build on this story idea. 
  2. An architect gradually falls in love with his fussy client. What happens next? 
  3. A reporter is assisted in a stampede by a policeman. Does something bloom between them? 
  4. A tea taster has an extensive debate with a coffee enthusiast. How does this story end? 
  5. A heartbroken protagonist walks into a candle store. She notices an extremely talented candle maker. She walks towards her and they have a long talk. On the way back she asks her out on a coffee date. Does the candle maker accept? 
Jay Carver

Jay Carver is a screenwriter, director and producer. Through his production company J-Style Films, he has done work for companies such as Turner Broadcasting. In the past, he has worked with Hollywood actor Omari Hardwick and won several film festivals including "Best Director".


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