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The New Suicide Trailer by James Gunn

They’ve decided to do a complete “do over” version of The Suicide Squad movie that starred Will Smith and jared Leto. Here’s what they’re going for now with James Gunn directing it.

Overwriting the Past

Definitely an interesting move by the studios how they’re not calling this a “reboot” or “sequel” they’re just doing it over like the first one never exited lol…

Here’s my thoughts on what we got from the trailer.

So, if you’re reading this before the movie has actually released, what did you think of the trailer?

And if you’re reading this after the movie has released…did it live up to the hype?

Jay Carver

Jay Carver is a screenwriter, director and producer. Through his production company J-Style Films, he has done work for companies such as Turner Broadcasting. In the past, he has worked with Hollywood actor Omari Hardwick and won several film festivals including "Best Director".

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