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Creative Writing Prompts

A writing prompt is an important and efficient tool mainly used in writing various kinds of projects and seeing as its use has constantly grown so that not just professionals know about it, it is essential one knows how it’s used.

What Is A Writing Prompt?

Say for example a writer wishes to write a thriller using prompts; which are simply topics or key points, like the skeletal frame of a project, which aids the writer get down ideas, giving flesh to the skeleton. These prompts kick starts his creativity, making it highly recommended for writers.

The prompts may come in various ways such as short words, pictures, a phrase or even a full sentence or paragraph, as long as it serves its purpose of giving the writer a focal point as he writes. Writers can either stick around these prompts or digress slightly.

Sometimes, these prompts could be rough sketches or unorganized notes or at other times, it could be polished and well thought out scenes or even complete stories. It doesn’t matter as long as it gives a foundation upon which a writer can write without doubts or hindrance.

Most writers find it difficult to kick start a project while staring at a blank page, as they seem not to be getting ideas. Some writers have said all they do in such cases is focus on another prompt – probably within relation to the project at hand – for a while, and the ideas and creativity begin to flow.

So when you find yourself stuck and thinking too hard about what to write, stop and dedicate about 10 minutes to another prompt instead, and you’ll realize the words and ideas for your project at hand begins to flow.

25 Examples Of Fantasy Writing Prompts

1. Describe ‘Lord of the Rings’ from Gandalf’s perspective.

2. Write an essay about how you’re trying to escape a dying planet called earth.

3. In your opinion, between a loved king or a feared wizard, who would make a better leader for a powerful nation? Explain from your point of view.

4. Write about someone who finds a box in the forest while camping and takes it home. What he finds inside is something he never fathomed to find.

5. Your character has magical abilities. Write about another character who doesn’t, but would go to any length to get it.

6. Write about a reporter who wanders into the woods and discovers a long lost community and their various supernatural abilities.

7. Write an essay on why you would rather spend your holiday in a magical forest rather than the alien planet you were born in, using your experience from both places as a guideline.

8. Your character murders her husband in self-defense using an ancient elve’s magical spell. From the Judge’s point of view (who is an elf who banned all magic years ago), why should she be set free?

9. The King’s new wife finds out she can communicate with the ghosts that’s been tormenting them, and they have a message for her.

10. Write about a home where the wife practices magic, but the husband is against its use.

11. Two students climb a mountain peak and discover a narrow path leading to a hidden castle. What happens next?

12. You find out you can read people’s thoughts, and you find out the Chief of Police’s shady plans to bring back an ancient dragon to terrorize the town.

13. Write about your character who finds through dedication, research, and hard work, that he can alter time, in a world where only time is constant, and reality can be stretched, distorted or warped.

14. Write a novel centered on an alien creature with the ability to disguise its appearance, making people see it as human. Over time, this ability begins to wane and its facade slips. How do people react?

15. Your story is about two best friends who know everything about each other and do everything together until one of them catches the other doing something he never thought him capable of doing.

16. Your character grew up learning about magic and loving it, in a town where its practice is forbidden. Little did he know magic was very close to him, and using it for good, he persuades and overcomes the town’s fear of magic.

17. During a Halloween party, an extraterrestrial creature blends into the party and begins to secretly wreak havoc, until three bodies are found. How do people react?

18. After a young boy rubs the kettle and requests absurd spells, the genie throws a tantrum and releases spells everywhere. It’s up to him and the boy to set things right. How do they get along?

19. Sailing to undiscovered terrain, your character is a sailor who gets to his destination and what he finds is fascinating. Strange forms of life, both plants, animals, and humans. How does cope with this discovery?

20. Write an essay describing the difficulties facing immigrants applying for admission into prestigious colleges around the country, using your experience as a focal point. How can this be dealt with?

21. A woman unknowingly gets married to an Orc who can disguise himself as human. She loves him but can’t bear to accept him for who he is. After battling with the idea for a while, she gives him up to the police. Narrate the story from her point of view.

22. You find yourself in a world of fantasy minutes after wishing it. Create your fantasy world using any number of these: a wand, a distraught princess, trolls, ghouls, an enchantress, elves, a magic castle, a sack of coins that replenishes.

23. You discover a magical armlet during one of your strolls. Describe your experience during the early days with it and how it changed your life forever.

24. You’re a vampire mistakenly awoken from a 500-year slumber. Describe how the changes around affected your psyche, and the difficulties experienced while trying to adjust and catch up with the modern world.

25. Write about a country that has always lived in peace, suddenly drawn into a war with another nation, whom they wipe out. Your character is a soldier who is drawn into the battle because of blackmail and being in love with a woman who is secretly a Banshee.

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